Nokia 8270 - • Listen to your voice messages

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New voice message - This normal priority message can be sent by anyone.

Urgent message - The person who sends an urgent message is requesting
an immediate reply. Urgent messages can be sent by anyone.

Emergency message - Can only be sent by a network operator or
person in authority when life or property is threatened.

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New voice message notifications overwrite older ones, regardless of the
priority level. For example, if Emergency voice mail appears and you
receive a new voice message of normal priority, the emergency message
notification disappears and New voice message appears.


You can insert special codes into entries in your Phone book to automate
tasks such as checking your voice mail. To do this, you’ll need to save your
voice mailbox number, PIN code, and the necessary pause and wait codes
to a 1-touch dialing location (often assigned to the

). The special

dialing codes, which are accessed using the

are as follows: