Nokia 8270 - • Enter characters into a phone number field

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special characters, press

. Scroll until the character you want to

insert is highlighted, then press Insert. To move up and down quickly
between rows of characters, press

. To move quickly to the last

character in the last row, press



While entering numbers into a phone number field, press the star key

as many times as necessary until one of the following special

characters appears:


Bypass an automated attendant.


Create a pause when a number is dialed. The numbers you enter
after this special character are automatically sent as touch tones
after a 2.5-second pause. For example, the characters after the “p”
could be a PIN number that you are required to enter when you
call the phone number.


Create a wait when a number is dialed. Your phone “waits” for you
to press

before it sends the string of numbers as touch tones.

The difference between “p” and “w” is that if you use “w”, you can
control when the touch tones are sent.

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