Nokia 8270 - • Navigate menus

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6) Use phone menus


A menu lists choices that appear on your
phone’s screen. To navigate menus, you
can scroll or use shortcuts.

Scroll through menus

You navigate menus by scrolling through

Menu appears above the left selection key
only while the Start screen is displayed. To
display the Start screen, press


To scroll through menus, select Menu



and press





To select an item, press the selection key (Select, OK, or Options).

To return to the previous screen, press Back or Exit.

To return to the Start screen, press


If you highlight an item and return to a previous screen or the Start
screen, the highlighted menu item will not be selected.

If you use your keypad to enter characters and then return to the
previous screen or the Start screen, the characters will not be saved.

Use a shortcut

To navigate to a menu item quickly without scrolling, use a menu
shortcut. A shortcut number for each menu item appears in the upper
right corner of the screen. For example, to adjust the ringing volume,
display the Start screen by pressing

, then press Menu 3 - 1 - 2 - 2.

Don’t pause for more than two seconds between key presses.




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Use phone menus

Note: The number of main menus in your phone, determines
whether you may need to press the 0 key

before you enter

a shortcut that begins with “1” and is followed by the 1 key

and any other key(s). For example, to display the Inbox Menu
(1 - 1 - 2), press Menu


Most menu items in your phone have a brief help message. To view
the help message for a menu item, scroll to an item and wait for
10 seconds.