Nokia 8270 - • End a call

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Answer a call

To answer a call, press

. To end the call, press


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If the Anykey answer feature (Menu 4 - 1 - 4) is set to On, you can
answer the call by pressing any key except


. However, if

Keyguard is active, you must press

to answer the call, even if the

Anykey answer feature is set to On.

If the wireless network cannot identify the caller’s phone number or
if the caller has chosen to block caller ID, the message Caller ID
or Caller ID blocked may appear. If two entries in your
phone book have the same phone numbers for both entries, the caller’s
name does not appear when they call.

If you want to stop your phone quickly from ringing (for example,
if you’re in a public place), press

. As long as the caller’s phone

number (or name) remain on the screen, you can still answer the call.

Adjust the earpiece volume

During a phone call, you can adjust the
volume for your phone’s earpiece:

The top volume key increases volume,
and the bottom one decreases the
volume. The volume keys only adjust
volume during phone calls.

If an accessory, such as a headset
or a handsfree device or one with its
own loudspeaker, is connected to your
phone, the volume keys will adjust
the volume for that accessory as well.

Redial the last-dialed number

To return to the Start screen (press

), then press

two times.

Get a strong signal

Your phone operates on radio waves, and the reception quality depends
on the radio signal strength in your area. A wireless network maintains
the radio coverage, and the quality of calls on a wireless phone depends
on the wireless radio signal strength.


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Make and answer calls

Tip: Your phone has a
built-in antenna. As
with any other radio
transmitting device, do
not touch the antenna
unnecessarily when the
phone is switched on.
Contact with the antenna
affects call quality and
may cause the phone to operate at a higher power level than
otherwise needed. Not touching the antenna area during a
phone call optimizes the antenna performance and the talk
time of your phone.

An indicator on the left of the Start screen displays the radio signal strength.
More segments mean a stronger signal. To improve reception, move your
phone slightly; if you’re indoors, move toward a window.

Your phone is optimized for digital service in a compact size.

Keep calls private

The Voice Privacy feature encrypts the voice channel so that no one can
eavesdrop on your phone conversations. Voice Privacy is a feature that must
be supported by your service provider. Contact your service provider for
more information on this feature.

By default, the voice privacy setting on your phone is set to Off. To turn
it on:


Press Menu 4 - 4 -1 (Settings > Network services > Voice privacy).


Scroll to On, then press OK.

During a call, Voice Privacy notifies you that it is active with a beep and
the message Voice privacy active on the screen. During a call, your phone
sounds two short beeps and displays the message Voice privacy not active
if voice privacy is lost.



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