Nokia 8270 - • Keys

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Power key
Switch the phone on or off (press and hold for
more than one second)

Selection keys
Perform the function indicated by the text on the
screen above the key

Scroll keys
• Scroll menu items and move the highlighter

line up and down in a list of displayed items

• Move the cursor to enter numbers and text

• Display the phone book

Talk key
• Make a call (enter phone number and press key)

• Answer a call

• Display a list of recently-dialed numbers

(display the Start screen, then press this key)

End key
• End a call

• Mute the ringing for an incoming call (you can

still answer the call by pressing


• Return to the Start screen at any time

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Warning: Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is
prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.

Switch on your phone

To turn the phone on or off, press and
hold the power key for a few seconds. To
turn off the phone, you can also quickly
press the power key then press OK.


Number keys

• Enter numbers and letters

• Enter a space while entering text, press

• Call your voice mailbox, press and hold

• Make a call using one-touch dialing (press and

hold the appropriate number key)

Star key
Insert special characters

Pound key

• Change modes when entering text

• Type of text input (multitap/predictive)

• Letter case (upper/lower)

• Character type (letters/numbers)

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Get to know your phone

Start screen

When you turn on your phone, a service
provider screen (or a welcome note, if you
have created one) appears for a moment, then
the Start screen appears. The Start screen is
the “home base” for your phone. To return to
this screen, press

at any time except

during a call (unless you want to hang up).

Tip: While entering characters into your phone, if you press


the characters are not saved.


Selection keys

Use the selection keys to navigate through and select the phone’s
many options.

At the Start screen (shown above), two
options appear at the bottom of the
screen: Menu and Names. The selection
keys are just below these options:

The left selection key is below Menu.

The right selection key is below

At the Start screen, when you press the left selection key, the menu item,
Messages, appears. The text above the left selection key changes to Select
and the text above the right selection key changes to Exit.

At the Start screen, when you press the right selection key, a list of options
for the Names (phone book) feature appears, along with the same Select
and Exit options that appear when you select Menu.

This guide refers to the selection keys by the names that appear above
them. Example: “Press Menu” means to press the selection key below
the word Menu.