Nokia 8270 - • Remove the battery

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Note: Before installing the battery, always make sure that the
phone is switched off and that the phone is not connected to a
charger or other device.


With the back of the phone facing
you, press the back cover release
button. Slide the back cover off.


Remove the battery by lifting it
from the finger grip.

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Before you use your phone and when the battery runs down, you need to
charge it.


Connect the charger to an AC wall
outlet. If the phone is turned on, the
message Charging appears. Then
the battery power indicator bar
scrolls from bottom to top.


Connect the lead from the charger
to the bottom of the phone.

You can use the phone while the battery is charging.

Important: Disconnect your phone from the charger if the phone
becomes hot while you’re making a call.

If the battery is totally empty, it might take a few minutes before
the charging indicator appears on the screen.

The time to charge the battery depends on the charger you use.

The battery is fully charged when the battery indicator bar stops
scrolling and the Battery full message appears (if phone is on).

Note: To ensure that the battery is charged to capacity, leave the
phone connected to the charger for an additional two hours after
the Battery Full message appears.


Disconnect the charger from the AC outlet and the phone:

When a charger is not in use, disconnect it from the power source.

Do not leave the battery connected to a charger for more than a
week. Overcharging the battery could shorten its life span. If left
unused, a fully charged battery will discharge itself over time.