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This section provides information about the phone’s battery. Be aware
that the information in this section is subject to change.

Note: Dispose of used batteries in accordance with local

Charging times

Note: Times are approximate. When the battery is charged, the
battery scroll bars on your phone’s screen stop scrolling. To obtain
100% charge, allow another two hours to “trickle-charge” the

Standby and Talk Times

Battery talk and standby times are estimates only and depend on signal
strength, network conditions, features used, battery age and condition
(including the effect of charging habits), temperatures to which battery is
exposed, use in digital mode, and many other factors. Please note that the
amount of time a phone is used for calls will affect its standby time.
Likewise, the amount of time that the phone is turned on and in standby
mode will affect its talk time.

Battery option




BLB-2 Li-Ion battery
830 mAh

3 hrs 50 min

2 hrs 45 min. 2 hrs 10 min

Battery option

Talk time

Standby time

BLB-2 Li-Ion battery
830 mAh

Up to 3 hrs

Up to 5.5 days

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