Nokia 8270 - • Accessories

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If you want to enhance your phone’s functionality,
an extensive range of accessories is available for
you. You can select any of these items to help
accommodate your specific communication needs.
For availability of these and other accessories,
contact your service provider.

A few practical rules for accessory operation:

Keep all accessories out of reach of small children.

When you disconnect the power cord of any accessory, grasp and pull
the plug, not the cord.

Check regularly that any vehicle-installed accessories are mounted
and are operating properly.

Installation of any complex car accessories must be made by qualified
personnel only.

Before changing the cover, always switch off the power and
disconnect the phone from the charger or any other device.
Always store the phone with the covers attached.

Check the model number of any charger before use with this device.
This device is intended for use when supplied with power from the
Nokia ACP-7, ACP-8 and ACP-12 chargers.

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Warning: Use only Nokia Original Accessories or batteries,
chargers and accessories approved by Nokia for use with this
Nokia phone model. The use of any other types may invalidate
any approval or warranty applying to the phone, and may be
dangerous. For availability of approved accessories, please
check with your authorized Nokia dealer.