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LPS-3 Mobile Inductive Loopset

The LPS-3 Mobile Loopset gives people with
T-coil equipped hearing aids the ability to make and
receive calls without noise interference.

The loopset gives hearing-impaired users clear
access to digital telephony for the first time.

The loopset is easy to use. You wear the loopset
around your neck, connect it to your phone, and
speak directly toward the microphone.

Note: The loopset can be purchased
separately as an accessory. For detailed instructions, refer to the
booklet that comes with the LPS-3.

For more information on this and other Nokia accessories, see “Accessories”
on page 103.

Accessible features

The Nokia 8270 mobile phone has many accessible features, including:

Nibs to the left and right of

for quick reference to the keypad.

Tactile feedback when you press a key.

Ability to send and receive short text messages.

Convenience of one-touch dialing.

Ability to define ring tones for different callers in your phone book.

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