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To help Nokia promptly answer your questions, please have your phone’s
model number, ESN number, and your local zip code ready when you call
Customer Service. The ESN and model number are on the back of your
phone under the battery. If you’re calling about an accessory, please have
it available for reference.

Nokia Customer Care Center (USA)

7725 Woodland Center Boulevard, Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33614

1-888-NOKIA-2U (1-888-665-4228)

Fax: 1-813-249-9619
TTY:1-800-24-NOKIA (1-800-246-6542)

Nokia Canada Customer Interaction Center

Nokia Products Ltd.
601 Westney Rd. South
Ajax, Ontario L1S 4N7
Tel:1-888-22-NOKIA (1-888-226-6542)

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