Nokia 8270 - 18) Use your personal assistant

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18) Use your personal assistant

Your phone can be your personal assistant. It can wake you up in the
morning, or remind you of meetings, birthdays, and tasks. Check the
current time and calculate a tip at dinner. It’s a calendar, clock, alarm
clock, calculator, and phone book — everything you need to keep track
of your life.

Note: Your phone must be switched on to use these functions.
Do not switch the phone on when wireless phone use is prohibited
or when it may cause interference or danger.


The calendar keeps track of birthdays,
meetings, or calls you need to make.
The calendar can sound an alarm to
remind you to make a call or go to
a meeting.

Note: Unlike the alarm clock, if your
phone is turned off, it will not automatically wake up and sound
the alarm for a calendar note. For the alarm to sound for a
calendar note, your phone must be turned on.