Nokia 8270 - • About the minibrowser

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17) Minibrowser

Note: This feature is available only if your service provider’s
network supports wireless internet access. Your service provider
may also require that you subscribe to this additional service.
For more information, contact your service provider.


Note: Your phone must be switched on to use this function. Do not
switch the phone on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when
it may cause interference or danger.

The Minibrowser lets you browse the internet for information such as stock
quotes and weather. Browsing via the phone is not like browsing using a
PC. Site providers usually present only the critical aspects of their site to
wireless phone users, so they have removed most graphics.

When you start the Minibrowser and connect to a network, two icons appear
on the screen:

• Minibrowser icon (you are in a Minibrowser session)

• Active call icon (you are being billed accordingly)

After a certain period of inactivity, the Minibrowser disconnects from the
network. For this reason, you may find that you are billed for several network
connections within a single session.

When the Minibrowser disconnects from the network, the active call icon

) disappears, but the Minibrowser icon (

) remains. While you are

in the Minibrowser you can still access pages stored in memory without
being connected to the Internet. However, if you navigate to a page that
is not stored in memory, a new Minibrowser session begins and you’ll be
billed accordingly.

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Note: The information or services you have accessed are stored in
the cache of your phone. A cache is a buffer memory, which is used
to store data temporarily. If you have tried to access or have accessed
confidential information requiring passwords (for example, your
bank account), empty the cache of your phone after each use.


The first time you launch the Minibrowser, you go through a security
setup process that takes 3 to 5 minutes (follow the on-screen prompts).