Nokia 8270 - • Message storage

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Your phone can store about 80 messages. All folders share the memory, so
the actual number of stored messages depends on the message length.
Three folders store your messages:

Inbox: All messages that you received and have not erased or saved.

Outbox: Messages that you sent or created and saved to send later.

Saved: Messages that you saved from the Inbox or Outbox.

If the memory is full when you receive a mobile message:

Non-emergency Message: The oldest sent message in the Outbox
folder is deleted. Drafts or unsent messages are not deleted. If there
are no sent messages in the Outbox folder, the oldest read message
in the Inbox folder is deleted. If there are no read messages in the
Inbox, No space: message waiting or a similar message appears.
This message prompts you to delete messages from one of the
folders. The network resends the message later.

Emergency Message: An emergency message, sent only by a network
operator, follows the procedure for a non emergency message and
adds an additional safeguard. For the emergency message, other
messages in the Inbox, Outbox, and Saved folders may also be
automatically deleted if your phone’s memory is full.

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