Nokia 8270 - • Message options

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While reading a message, you have several options. Some of these
options may not be available for some types of messages:

Erase deletes the message. Press OK to confirm the deletion or Clear
to cancel.

Reply allows you to send a return message to the sender.

Save sends the message to the Saved folder.

Use number allows you to call quickly or save a phone number
included in the message. If more than one number was included,
a list of numbers displays.

To save the number:

a) Read the message and scroll until the number you want to save

is visible.

b) Press Options, scroll to Use number, and press Select.

If one phone number appears on the screen, press Call (or press


then Save).

If a list of numbers appears, scroll to a number, press OK, then press Call
(or press

, then Save).

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Save address extracts one or more e-mail addresses from the message (if
it contains any) and allows you to save the addresses in your phone book.

Forward allows you to send the message to another recipient. For more
information about forwarding a message, see “Forward a message” on
page 76

Reply w/copy allows you to send a message back to the sender.
Your message will include a copy of the message you received.