Nokia 8270 - • Create a text message

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Address a text message

Use this procedure to address your message to one or more recipients:


You must be editing the message that you want to address:

If you are in Edit message, press Options, then go to the next step.

If you are not in Edit message (for example, you wrote the
text message and saved it to send later), open the Outbox
(Menu 0 - 1 - 1 - 3). Scroll to the message you want to address.
Press Options. Scroll to Resend. Press Select. Go to the next step.


Scroll to Add e-mail (to add an e-mail address) or Add number
(to add a phone number), then press Select.


Enter the e-mail address or phone number, then press OK.

Notes about addresses

You can address a text message to as many as 10 e-mail addresses, phone
numbers, or a combination of both. To see a list of all recipients to whom
your message is addressed, scroll to List recipients, then press Select.

The maximum number of characters allowed in a phone number is 32.
The maximum number of characters allowed in an e-mail address is 48.

While entering a phone number or e-mail address, press and
release Clear to delete one character, or press and hold Clear to
delete all characters.

If a recipient’s e-mail address or phone number is in your phone book,
you can quickly enter it by searching for the recipient’s name. To search,
press Search. To jump to an entry in your phone book quickly, press
the appropriate key. For example, if the entry is John (j), press


To jump to Kim (k), press

twice. If an e-mail address or phone

number is not associated with the entry that you select, a message will
appear: No e-mail address found or No numbers found.

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When entering an e-mail address manually, you can quickly enter the
@ symbol by pressing

repeatedly until the @ symbol appears.

Note: To address a number-only message, see “Send a number-
only message” later in this section.