Nokia 8270 - 15) Send and receive text messages

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15) Send and receive text messages

When you have mobile (text) messaging service, you can receive messages
on the screen and send messages to e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Note: Before you send or receive mobile messages, you may need
to subscribe to the messaging service offered by your service provider.
Some networks may not support mobile messaging.

The message types vary by service provider. Your phone automatically creates
the types of messages supported by your service provider:

Text: A text message can include text and a call-back number.

Number only: A number-only message is like a numeric page. A call-
back number (the sender’s phone number) appears on the recipient’s
pager or phone screen.

A message contains both a header and the body. The header may have the
sender’s phone number or e-mail address and the date and time of the
message. If you have a phone book entry that matches the sender’s phone
number, the sender’s name also appears. The body contains the main part
of the message. If you receive a message sent by e-mail, the subject (title)
may appear at the beginning of the message body.


Traditional or Predictive Input

You can write text messages with standard input or predictive text input.

Traditional (multitap) input method: This is the default mode. This
method requires that you press some keys more than once (multitap).
For example, to enter the letter c, you must press