Nokia 8270 - • Change your security code

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13) Security

A security code, a phone lock feature, and a call restriction feature prevent
unauthorized use of your phone. A keypad lock prevents unintended key
presses, such as when your phone is in your purse or pocket.


Important: The default security code is 12345. Nokia highly
recommends that you immediately change this code, write
down the new code, and store it in a safe place, away from
your phone. You cannot activate or use certain phone features
until you successfully enter your security code.

When you enter your security code, an asterisk (*) appears on the screen
each time you press a number key, preventing others from seeing your
code. If you enter the wrong code five times in a row, your phone won’t
accept any entries for the next 5 minutes.


Press Menu 4 - 3 - 2 - 4 (Settings > Security settings > Access
codes > Change security code


Enter the security code. (The default code is 12345.) Press OK.


Enter a new code (minimum of five numbers). To prevent accidental
emergency calls, don’t pick a code that is similar to an emergency
number. Press OK.


To verify your new security code, enter it again. Press OK. The message
Security code changed appears. Store your new code in a safe place,
away from your phone.