Nokia 8270 - • Use call forwarding

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You can forward incoming calls to another number. Call forwarding is a
network services feature that may require a subscription through your
service provider.

This procedure assumes that you stored the Call forwarding feature code
in your phone and activated the feature. If you have not completed these
steps, you may be able to enter the code manually when you forward your
calls. Just enter the feature code (for example,

) followed

by the phone number where you will forward your calls, then press



Press Menu 4 - 4 - 2 (Settings > Network services > Call forwarding).


Scroll to the desired call forwarding option:

Forward all calls - Forwards all incoming calls.

Forward if busy - Forwards calls only when you’re on your phone
and do not have voice mail.

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Forward if not answered - Forwards calls if you don’t answer. Use
this option when you want to give your phone to someone for a
short period of time, but you don’t want them to answer the phone.
For example, you could use this option if you give a family member
the phone to take out, in case of an emergency, but you still want
to receive any incoming calls made to this phone.

Forward if out of reach - Forwards calls if you are out of the
serving wireless network or if your phone is turned off.

Cancel call forwarding - Cancels call forwarding.


Press Select.


If you chose an option other than Cancel call forwarding, enter the
phone number where your calls are to be forwarded (or press Search
to find the number in your phone book). Press OK.

Wait for your phone to call the network and confirm your choice.
If your choice is confirmed, the feature is available for use.