Nokia 8270 - • Set in-call options

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Your phone allows you to use several features
during a call. These features are in-call options.

Note: Many in-call options are
network services features that
may require a subscription from
your service provider.

You cannot use all options at all times. This section explains when you can
use a certain option.


To access an option during a call, press Options.


Choose from some or all of the following options:


Allows you to enter a touch tone string manually or search
for a string in your phone book.

New call

Allows you to place the call to the third party when
making a conference call. See “Make a conference call”
on page 37.


Allows you to access the Menu.


Allows you to mute the microphone. If your microphone is
already muted, Mute will change to End mute.


Allows you to access the phone book.

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[ 35 ]

Use advanced calling features


Call forwarding, Call waiting, and Send own caller ID with next call are
network services available through your service provider. When you subscribe
to these services, your service provider gives you a feature code that you
store in your phone to activate the service. Your service provider may have
stored feature codes in your phone. A separate deactivation code is used
to deactivate the service.

The network service name will not appear in the menu until you store the
activation code. After you store the activation and deactivation codes, you
can use the menu to activate and deactivate the service.

Note: If your phone has more than one phone number programmed
into the NAM, stored feature codes apply only to your primary
phone number, or NAM 1.