Nokia 8270 - • Select a phone number

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You can use two different phone numbers with your phone. Each phone
number is used for a different service area.

When activating your phone, the service provider sets up your phone
with account information (phone number and system information).

However, your phone can be activated in up to two different service
areas. For example, your phone could be activated in Dallas and New
York. Each service area assigns a different phone number or account
to your phone.

You must select a phone number for your home system. If you travel outside
your home system, you can choose another number. Only one phone number
can be active at a time.

Note: You may not need two numbers for your phone if your service
provider has service or roaming agreements for each area where you
use your phone. Contact your service provider for details.

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Select the phone number


Press Menu 4 - 4 - 6 (Settings > Network services > NAM selection).


Scroll to the phone number you will use, and press OK.

Note: The first phone number on this list is the currently selected
number. You need at least one active number to make calls. You
cannot change from one phone number to another during a call.


Touch tones are sounds produced when you press the phone keys.
Sometimes, touch tones are called DTMF tones.

You can use touch tones for many automated services such as checking
bank balances and airline schedules and using your voice mailbox.
Touch tones can be sent only when a call is active.