Nokia 8270 - • View the duration of calls

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View the duration of the last call

Press Menu 2 - 5 (Call log > Call timers). The duration of the last call
appears. (If you choose to show the current call timer on the Start screen,
you can see it during your call. To show it, see “Show/hide the current call
timer” on page 33.)

Note: The actual invoice for calls and services from your service
provider may vary, depending upon network features, rounding-off
for billing, taxes, and so forth.

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Call log

View the total duration of all calls

Your phone uses two timers to record the total duration of all calls:

The call timer can be cleared (reset to zero), so it is useful for monitoring
how much talk time you have used. It records the total time of all calls since
the timer was last cleared. To view the call timer value: