Nokia 8270 - • View information about recent calls

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Phone number associated with the call

Date and time when the call connected

The call log records the length of the most
recent call you made or received, the total of all calls you made or received
during a time period (Call timer).


The call log records missed calls only if the phone was on and in your
service provider’s area when you received the call.

If you chose the Forward if not answered option in “Use call
forwarding” on page 37, the call log records the call as missed.


Use the menu shortcuts to display the type of recent call list to view:

Missed calls - Menu 2 - 1

Received calls - Menu 2 - 2

Dialed calls - Menu 2 - 3

To view dialed calls, you can also press

, then scroll.

Note: If necessary, scroll the list until the number (or name)
appears. To call the number for the displayed item quickly,
press .


Press Options, and scroll to the appropriate option:

Call time - Shows the date and time of day when the call was
connected. (Appears only if the clock has been set.)

Edit number - Allows you to edit the number on the screen.

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[ 32 ]

Save - Allows you to add the phone number to your phone book.

Erase - Allows you to erase the entry from the call log.

View number - Allows you to view the associated phone number
in your phone book. (Appears only if a name from your phone book
appears on the screen.)


Press Select.


Note: Logged calls that were cleared from a call list cannot
be recovered.


Press Menu 2 - 4 (Call log > Clear call lists).


Scroll to All to clear the logged calls from all lists: Missed, Received,
or Dialed.